Sunday, August 21, 2016

"Day 56, Luxor" summary

Luxor can be found 420 miles south of Cairo, which is in North Egypt. Its train station is huge and has tall columns and hieroglyphic designs. Outside the train station, there is a Nile cruise to be joined and there are four-floored ships along the riverside. The river journey stops on the West Bank and a bus ride passing various places continues. The bus goes up a narrow road, ending in the Valley of the Kings, which is a huge cemetery, keeping the 62 leftovers of the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom. Out of 62, only 40 tombs had been found and one had been stolen.
- Vincent

Luxor or Thebes is located 420 miles south of Cairo, in Upper Egypt. Its train station is enormous and has tall columns, and hieroglyphic designs. After going out of the train station, obtain the Nile cruise and spectate the four-floored ships along the riverbank. The river tour ends on the West Bank and a bus ride, passing the sugar cane field and irrigation canal follows. The bus escalates a narrow road leading to the Valley of the Kings, which is a large graveyard, containing the 62 residue of the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom. Out of 62 tombs only 40 had been rediscovered and one had been rob.
- Angelique 

Luxor or Thebes is found 420 miles south of Cairo, which is in Upper Egypt. Its train stop is enormous and has tall pillars and hieroglyphic designs. After exiting the train stop, take the Nile cruise and notice the four-storeyed ships along the riverbank. The river tour finish on the West Bank and a bus ride, passing the sugar cane plantation and watercourse follows. The bus ascends up a small road leading to the Valley of the Kings, which is a huge cemetery, including the 62 bodies of the Pharaohs of the new Domain. Of all 62 tombs, only 40 had been regained and one had been robbed

420 miles south of Cairo, lies Luxor. To reach Luxor, a train is used which is located at its train station. The train station itself is huge and covered with intricate designs. Out of the train station is the Nile River that can be explored by taking the Nile cruise. The cruise will stop on the West Bank and the tour is continued with a bus. Past the West Bank is the Valley of the Kings, a wide necropolis containing the 62 tombs of the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom.
-Audrey F

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Expository Essay

This is an expository essay about the purposes of internet for both the users and the providers. We discussed about the parts of an expository essay such as the introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and concluding paragraph.

Purposes of Internet

Video games, browser, YouTube, social medias are common to us. These things use the internet to work.  The Internet is popular among humans these days. Based on research, more than 42 million people were using the internet in Indonesia (July 1, 2014). 42 million people are around the total of is surely a big number of people using the internet. People might think that the internet is useless, but there are actual purposes of the internet that we can get benefit from, of course for both the users and for the providers. These purposes include it has good purposes, both for the providers and the users.  The purposes of the internet are it allows us greater flexibility in working hours, it helps us connect to far places, and it helps internet service providers to work because they rely on the internet to generate funds for business. 
The Internet can help us to work without time pressure and working time. This is because we can use the internet everywhere, such as in our house, relaxing places or even in a public place. We can basically work anywhere as long as there is the internet available. With greater flexibility in working, it can help the company to gain more customers which mean the company can generate more funds. If the workers are working without the internet, they will have a hard time in generating funds and also the company will lose to its competitors. Students can also use the internet for doing their own homework.  So, the internet is surely an important thing and it can give a greater flexibility in working, greater flexibility will, of course, give our company and advantage.
We can communicate to far places through the internet.  The Internet, with the help of social medias, can help us to connect to our family and other people. It can also help us to be entertained by the social media. It can help us to get to know people more and we can know their lifestyle. We can be updated on what is happening right now. It can help us to inform news to our relatives. If we are checking our social medias, there is no need to worry about missing important news Internet, therefore, can surely connect us to relatives, co-workers, etc.
The Internet is one of the sources that can be used to generate funds. Internet service providers can generate funds by providing the internet to the users. Users will pay to the service providers the amount they need to pay, according to the type of internet they are using. If the price is expensive, the internet will usually be faster and better. Users can also sell things online and can surely get funds from selling things. This will surely be a way of generating funds for providers and users.
 In short, the internet can absolutely help us in our life. By providing a way to keep in touch even we are far from each other, giving flexibility in working and giving a way to generate funds, the internet is surely useful in our life.  The time available to work can bring the company to success. The funds generated by the service providers will facilitate a better internet connection. The ability to connect will help us in keeping close contact with our relatives.  We should be more open-minded about the internet and instead of thinking the bad things of the internet, let us use the internet correctly to give us the benefits. ~ Vincent

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Descriptive Writing on Metamorphosis

    A small green caterpillar is crawling up towards the leaf slowly but surely, getting nearer by each step. Finally it reaches the leaf it is aiming for. Once it steps onto the leaf, it starts nibbling on the leaf bit by bit.
   In no time, the small green caterpillar will grow into a healthy well grown one. When it’s ready, it finds a spot to start the life changing process. Finding a comfortable spot, it starts to hang itself upside down. Once settled, the metamorphosis process starts.
Steadily, chrysalis starts to form from the head, making its way down, engulfing the critter. Changes, then, transpires inside the cocoon.
   As time passes, a beautiful, stunning butterfly emerges from the cocoon. It is ready to spread its elegant wings to liberty. - Audrey F

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Leaflets about Fireworks

- Angie

Descriptive writing about metamorphosis

The caterpillar, a brightly colored herbivore, eats the tiny green leaves. It tries to grow. It searches for food in the harsh environment. It crawls slowly from plants to plants, from stem to stem, from leaves to leaves, searching for its own sanctuary. It avoids predators around the area. When it is big enough, it hooks its tail to a sturdy plant, hanging with only the tail attached to the plant. Time flies, the hanging caterpillar soon metamorphoses into a soft green silky cocoon. To protect itself from dangers, it camouflages with its surrounding. There is a big change going on inside the small cocoon. The caterpillar transforms inside. It will be different from what it used to be, different from the old long body it used to have. After a while, the cocoon cracks open. A thing tries to make its way out from the newly hatched cocoon. The head appears then the body, and, soon, the wings. It has two colorful and powdery smooth wings. The beauty of this creature is shown in its pair of wings, and, with it, it is free again and can fly through the air.
Image result for picture of a butterfly egg
 Image result for picture of a butterfly

Sunday, February 14, 2016

News Report

4th February 2016 – Mentari School Grand Surya celebrated Chinese New Year. It was organized by Lao Shi Erline. All teachers, staff, and students participated in this event. It was held in the school’s library. Parents came and watched the students perform. The performances included: dancing, singing, playing of Angklung, doing sign language, and etc.
“We are preparing for the students’ performances and we are also decorating the library. Tests are given to teachers to help me to successfully hold the program here,” explained Lao Shi Erline.
Most of the students here are Chinese that is why it is important to preserve the Chinese culture. They are preserving the culture by holding this program annually.
“It is the first time that we are holding the program in this building [Junior High School building]. The students are preparing for a long time, so they can perform well.”

Thursday, February 11, 2016

News Report

Chinese New Year Celebration

Plans for the Celebration

By Audrey Levina and Audrey Flabian

Mentari School Grand Surya is having a Chinese New Year celebration. The celebration will take place on February 4th in the library.

“The celebration will be on Thursday, February 4th. I (Ms. Erline), Ms. Florgin, and Ms. Herlija are the ones in charge of the program. So far we have started decorating and having final practices for the performances. The progress is not bad, the venue will be in the library.” Ms. Erline said.

People have started decorating the library and the entire school. Each class prepares performance/s for the celebration. Some prepare a dance performance, others sing, and some even show martial arts skills. Parents are invited to watch the performance.

It was said that there would be a Barongsai performance the day after. Once the performance is done, students will have regular classes.

Leaflet about Fireworks

Here are some facts, and safety precautions about Fireworks.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

leaflet on fireworks


First Week in EFL Class

The first week  in EFL class, we had lots of activities. Our teacher is Mr. Michael, he's also the grade eight homeroom teacher. We had activities such as coming up words out of our full name, letter by letter. My name is really long, and it took a lot of time to come up with such a lot of words.

We also learned about the historical events of Afghanistan, which is a lot, so that we can relate the history with those in the novel "The Kite Runner". Other than that, we have to do the word for the day. Each students presents a word for each session, but two students will present in case of double period. It really widened my knowledge.

We were also taught about the kite running, which is a two-person affair, with one person called "charka gir" and the other called "gudiparan paz." Charka gir is the one in charge of holding the wooden kite spool around which the tar, wire is wound. On the other hand, gudiparan paz is the one controlling the movement of the kite in the air. They were supposed to strike down other kites with the string or wire of your kite. Overall, it is an interesting and exciting week for all of us. 


The First Week in EFL Class

The first week in EFL class, we are still coping to the new type of learning and be comfortable in each other presence. We introduce ourselves on the first day, and since our EFL teacher is also our class advisor, Mr.Michael, it’s easier to cope.
On the first day, we described ourselves using our letter’s name. For example A-amazing. It took quite some time because some of the letters doesn’t represent much adjectives. Although it was quite fun to listen to others talk about themselves.

The next day, Mr.Michael showed us a powerpoint presentation about Afghanistan’s history. For me, it really widened my knowledge of the world. People might know that Afghanistan is in the middle of a war but not many knows the reason.

The third day, we are explained about ‘word for the day” where each of us are assigned turns to tell a word and explain it. So in a way we are learning new words almost every day. We also continued the presentation about Afghanistan’s history because of the lack of time the day before.

For the rest of the week, we discussed Euphemism, Verbs, and Cohesive devises. Over all it has been an interesting week. -AudreyF

First week on efl class

The first week on EFL class was all about introduction to what we're going to learn in our EFL class. Our teacher for our EFL class is Mr. Michael, grade 8's homeroom teacher. He explained what we're going to learn, what books we're going to read and more.

The first activity we had was about writing words from the letters of our name. For example is Dhana, we must think what word starts with D, H, A, N and A. It could be an adjective or maybe a noun. My name is not too long yet not too short which gives me an advantage to finish first which is useless because I did not finish first. There are names longer than mine which took a long time to get it done.

The second thing we did is discuss about our novel. We learned about Khaled, Afghanistan and its timeline. We learned what had happened in Afghanistan. We knew that Afghanistan was once ruled by the Talibans and communist groups. After we discussed it, we were given words and questions. We are needed to find the meaning of the word and also answer the questions.

We had fun on the first week and I am excited to start reading the Kite Runner. ~Vincent

First week in EFL

My first week of being an EFL in grade 8 is fun. We didn't learn anything at all, it was just introduction of our teacher, Mr.Michael. Introduction of the novel, Kite Runner, and last we introduce ourselves to the teacher and to our friends, although we already knew each other very well. We introduce ourselves in a a very unusual way, we describe ourselves by our name letters. Introduction was only 2 days.

The third day we start to discuss the novel, we had a head start about the novel, we discussed where the place will be which is Afghanistan, we learned many history about Afghanistan, the wars, and many more about Afghanistan. Then we discussed about the characters, the main character is Amir, the minor character is Hassan, Baba, Ali, Rahim Khan and there are still many characters in the book.

We had fun in the first week. ~dhana