Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Letter to the President of the IOC

Dear IOC President,

                 I am Vincentius Johnathan. I wish to attend the next Olympic games because I really love sports. I have watched all Olympic games. I watched them from my t.v. I am far from the host city and I also want to see the stadium and the environment of the host city. I wish I can watch directly in the stadium. I hope you will help me to attend the Olympic Games! Thank you!

Sincerely yours,
Vincentius Johnathan

Dear President of the IOC,

                I, Angelique, really wish to attend the next Olympics. It will be a big pleasure to see what the Olympics like. I have seen many athletes competing in the Olympics and it surely impress me. It will be an unforgettable experience if I could join the Olympics and compete with other athlete. I hope you can understand how I really wish to attend the Olympics.


Dear President of the IOC,
                I wish to attend the next Olympics. It will be an unforgettable memory if I can see what the Olympics is like.  I have always wanted to see the Olympics, to travel around the world, and to know the history of the Olympics.
                I’ve seen athletes competing in various competitions in the Olympics, and it impresses me. To see them directly will be a privilege. I hope you understand how I wish I can attend the Olympics.

Audrey Flabian

Dear president of the IOC,

                I am Dhana, I am from Indonesia and just to tell you, I want to attend the Olympic game. In all these years, I watched the Olympic Games, and I’m amazed.  I wished that I could enter the game too and will do my best to be the champion, and make my country proud.
I wish you understand the how I really want to attend in the game. Thank you.

Dhana X.                                                                                                  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Sea is calling...

One midnight, Thea just came home from her midnight swim when she saw her father and her sister, Karen, waiting for her. Just after Thea came in through the door, her father burst out his anger. She was supposed to be home at eleven but she forgot the time and realized it after one hour later. When she got home it was already one in the morning. Her father would surely ground her. Just as she predicted, she was grounded for two days.

The next day, she doesn’t really have anything to do, so she comes over to her neighbor’s house which belongs to her friend. She stays there for the whole day. Just before six, she come home and makes dinner for her father and sister. Her mother died when she was little.
The next morning, she heard that there’s a new comer in town. Her town wasn’t really attractive and she lives in an island. So tourists come only in tourist season, but it’s only November, and tourist season is on December. But it doesn’t really matter anyway. She has seen them a few times now but not really talking to them. There’s something weird about them. They’re beautiful, flawless, and their hairs are like silks.
One day, when Thea walks near the beach, she feels like there’s someone following her. But when she looks behind her back, there’s no one. Suddenly, everything becomes dark, and she feels that she is dragged by someone. When he or she stops dragging her, she is thrown to a corner and her blindfold is opened. When she has collected herself she sees the figure, it was Lenn, Kyle, and Roxy. After that, she was asked to drink something and after she drinks it, everything went dark and she fainted.
When she wakes up the next day, she is already in the beach, worn out. There were scars all over her body. She didn’t remember anything except drinking something. Her friend next door from her house, Alex and Thea’s sister, Karen came running towards her. They quickly carry her and bring her home then lay her on her bed. After they interrogate her, they left without any answer. Then she took a bath and saw that her scars are already healed. She got shocked but not screaming.
 The next day, she went over to Lenn, Kyle and Roxy and asked them what they did to her. Then they reveal to her what are they, and they’re actually sirens. Thea got shocked and Lenn said that she can’t go back to human or else she’ll die. If she wants to live, she has to go with them, but she won’t be back to her family and friends. So she made a decision and go with them.
-Audrey Flabian


Thursday, October 16, 2014


On a rainy afternoon there I am working here in the Michael's pizza restaurant, a place where we can eat pizza and some robot puppets sing to entertain children, the puppets were creepy and it is a really hard place to work so many people coming.  Its closing time, everybody was home I was there with my friend Amy, I said: "what are you doing here? Everyone are going home already why are you still here? Amy said: "it's okay Rachel I will wait here." Then I go to the kitchen to mop the floor, and suddenly the door was closed, when the door was closed I saw a hand closing it, “Is that you Amy?” I asked, and I  went out the kitchen to see if Amy is there, but she was not there waiting for me anymore, maybe she went home, but  I am worried, so I check the CCTV room and see the television showing all rooms, and nobody is here. It’s already 9:30  at night and I think that it’s the time to go home. I wear my jacket and walking towards the exit door the door was locked, so I checked my pocket if the keys are there. It was not there, I checked the table at the kitchen, maybe it was there, when I was there in the kitchen, the keys are really there. Suddenly, the lights went off I hear a footstep walking towards me, and suddenly the light went on again but the keys are not on the table, so I checked the CCTV room again and see the television again, there was no one, but suddenly, one camera is off. I’m confused, and scared. More and more cameras went off, so I called for help. I called Amy first and she did not answer, then I called Eric, my older brother to pick me up and he answered the phone: “Rachel, why are you calling me at 10 o’clock!? And why are you not home yet?” “ I’m stuck here and the keys are lost, so I can’t get out.” I answered. “So how am I supposed to get in?” he asked. “Well, maybe you could break it, using a hammer(?)” I said. But he said: “Are you seriously kidding me? Break the door!? How can the keys be lost?” “The keys...well before, at 9:30 o’clock, I’m mopping the kitchen floor, and I saw Amy was there waiting for me and I asked that why are you still here? She said she’ll be there waiting for me and suddenly the kitchen door was closed and when the door was closing, I saw a hand closing it, I check Amy and she’s not there, when I look the clock, its already 9:30 o’clock, so i get the keys and the keys are not on my pocket and I find it on the table, when I’m walking to the table, the lights went off, when its on again it gone.” I said it really fast. “Okay then, I’ll pick you up.” He answered. “Thanks, bye-bye.” I said. I turn off my phone and while my brother driving here, I searched for the keys again I looked everywhere and one more place to check, the basement! The basement is where the bar or where you will order drink when I turn on the lights, I saw Amy sitting on the corner. Amy said: “ssshhhh....” “Why?” I said in a whispering voice. “I got a letter, this letter was written and stucked under the table and only me noticed it.” She whispered. The letter said: “I am a night security here, this place is creeping me out, I always hear voices, footsteps and a singing: posies, posies, a basket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down.  Using the voice of little girl. I have to move work!” and thats the end of the note, then Eric came honking his car, Eric came out and broke the glass door. “It’s my brother Eric! I said let’s go Amy.” I said when we get to the first floor, I quickly ran to the door, I didn’t realize Amy was already in the car with Eric and when I’m standing in front of Eric’s car, I saw a human shaped thing running towards me and I shouted “Faster Amy!” Eric is waiting and honking his car and he shouted: “Amy is here!” I didn’t hear it clearly and I said “What are you saying?” “I said, she  is already in the car!” when I looked back at the restaurant, I saw one of the puppet running towards me holding a knife, I screamed and quickly ran into the car, Eric put it on gear one and stepped the pedal really hard and whoosh! Well that's the end of the story, and until now, the puppet is looking for a next victim! -Dhana

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Have Courage To Face Everything

Gretel, Angel and Hansel, the new grade 7 girls, are going to school. They are worried that they will get bullied with their new friends like in the old school. When Gretel, Angel and Hansel first enter the class, there are lots of people watching them, and they are like wanted to shoo Gretel, Angel and Hansel away. 

Five minutes later, the teacher came in and keeps her eyes on Gretel, Angel and Hansel, she then got closer to them and said “Who are you?” Then Gretel, Angel and Hansel look at each other for a while. Finally, Gretel said to the teacher “I’m Gretel, and these are my friends, Angel and Hansel,” “We are new students here” continued Gretel. “Oh I see, you are Gretel Handerson, you are Angel Lim, and lastly, you are Hansel Harries.” “Please introduce yourselves to your new classmates.” said the teacher gently. “Hi, nice to meet you all, I’m Gretel Handerson, but you can just call me Gretel, my age is 12, and I came from Denmark.” said Gretel nervously while smiling. After a little while, then Angel stands up and introduces herself after Gretel. “Hi! Nice to meet you all. I hope we could be good friends, and I almost forgot to introduce myself. My nameis Angel Lim, but you all can call me Angel. Thank you.” said Angel. Then finally, Hansel Harries stands up and introduce herself. “Hi all! My name is Hansel Harries but you can call me Hansel, I hope we could be good friends!” 
The first subject was really hard, which is Humanities, but lucky for them, they are smart and can follow the Humanities subject well enough even though they just got to that new school. After Humanities, they study lots of subject, having a lot of home works, but of course they have breaks. After doing a lot of school stuffs, they finally walk home, but when they are about to walk out from the school, Jason, Louis and Horan came to them, which the rumors said that they are the biggest bully at school, and said “Hansel, ha-ha the black skinned girl!!” Then Gretel, Angel and Hansel stared at them, with the look of anger in their eyes, and walked away from them. 

Gretel, Angel and Hansel are being bullied and they are about to tell the teacher about it but, suddenly, Jason, Louis and Horan popped out just like that and started to bully them again, but for the second time, Gretel, Angel and Hansel walk away from them. Jason, Louis, and Horan started to say words that they aren’t supposed to say. Then, the class officers saw them bullying the three girls and said “Stop it you three! I will report you three to the teacher.” Then the class officers with Gretel, Angel and Hansel walked away from them and went to the teacher to report them. But once they did tell the teacher that the three boys bullied them, the teacher of course didn’t believe what they say. Because the teacher knew that Jason, Louis and Horan are great students and they did get good grades for their examination.
Then lastly, the three girls finally can go home but they were a bit nervous that the three boys will bully them every day. But they face it really brave enough and have courage to defend the three boys who bullied them. Then finally, because they didn’t give up and still have courage, the three boys didn’t bully them again. Day by day, the three girls eventually became famous because they can defend the three boys who were the biggest bully at school, and the three boys give up on bullying.  
The End. 


"In a small village, Niraca, there is a lot of small, dusty and dirty houses. There live by thousands of enemies, and can only build their houses using woods and leaves from the forest across the river. They suffer because of lack of food. But luckily, I, Hercules, came and helped them", I said to the children in Greek which is a lot wealthier than Niraca. "Are you with your friends?", one child interrupted.  "No, of course not. Why would a great warrior like me need friends?", I answered. "But the legend said you're with your friends", another child said. "I can't lie to them because they know the truth. Besides if I lie, they'll never like me again. Even though I want to look brave in front of them, I have to tell the truth", I thought in my mind, so I have to tell the truth. "OK, I was with my friends. And you know what, it was once in a blue moon to fight with them. You'll be in cloud nine if you get to know them. Now, can I continue?" I said. "OK", they said.

"They, the Niraca villagers, appreciate our coming. they have this group called Hodas Warriors which is always stealing their food. By the name Hodas, he is the son of Hades, which has been thrown down to earth because of being disgraceful to his father. He recruits skeletons to be his army. They invaded Niraca because before, Niraca is the richest of them all. But because Hodas, the foods and resources are being stolen by the Hodas Warriors. The Niraca is outnumbered by the skeletons. So, I and my friends trained warriors big and small, young and old to defeat them.", I said to them. "Can somebody bring me water I'm thirsty now", I said. So I drink and continued my story.

"After training warriors, we travelled rough roads to reach our first stop. We stop for one night and take a rest. We were travelling for 3 days 3 nights straight. Finally, we arrived. We're out-numbered. They're a lot, So I convince them that we could win. First, the archers take position. They shoot flaming arrows. So we break in through their base. Archers keep shooting and we keep on going. At last, we won. We bring their goods and went home", I said. "That is our story and remember everyone including you can be a hero", I told them. THE END! ~ Vincent

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My First Weeks Of Being Junior High

My first week of being junior high I feel happy and the same time a little nervous. On the first day, when I arrived at the class, I sat with Vincent, my old friend. I saw many new faces, there are some people I met before and some never. Some of them are my really old friends that we were friends since kindergarten and grade 1 and never meet again until now we are happy to meet again each other. The new friends aren’t so bad after all, but there are some naughty ones. On lunch time we are beginning to interact with each other, and on dismissal we play at the field together.
On the second and the third day we, the grade seven, know each other names and we begin to work together, but there are still some that are shy, so sometimes our class is awkward because everybody is silent. Me and my friends enjoy learning, especially learning with Mr. Josh he is very funny. Everyone seems to enjoy the second and third day. I like to play with my new friends,even my old friends enjoy it too.

On the fourth and fifth day, I realize all the subjects are getting hard and many task we need to do, but its okay for me. On these two days, the class is already noisy, just like the old times, even there are some causing trouble already. I think i will enjoy it on the grade 7.  ~Dhana

My first week in junior high was exciting and fun. It is exciting to meet new friends and new teachers, but I’m also a little sad because I can’t meet my old friends anymore. It is fun to be friends with new people, but it’s also fun to be with your old friends who you have been with for 5 years and knows you. Many of my classmates moved to another school, only 7 of my classmates stayed in Mentari. I met many new friends in my first week of schooling. 

On my first day, all of my classmates are very quiet, but after three days, our class was noisy. We meet new teachers and have new lessons that we haven’t learn in primary. We have our own locker and desk. We use the locker to keep things, books, our belonging, cardigan and lab coat. Our skirt also doesn’t have shorts anymore. 

My new friends are friendly and kind. We’re from different school but we are now one. Our religion was not all the same, but we get along well. We also have thicker books  in grade 7. We’re allowed to bring notebook or laptop to school to do our tasks, but we only bring it when our teacher tells us too. We play games, have projects, do experiments and many more. I think I will enjoy being junior high.
 ~ Audrey F.

Hi! My name is Angelique Clara Hanzell. Usually, people call me Angie. I am in grade 7 Semar, and my school is in Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya. In my class, there are 24 students. There are 11 boys, and 13 girls. At my first day of school, I felt happy and at the same time a little nervous because there are friends that I don’t know yet.

But now, I have a lot of friends, I know all of them already. They are very nice. But sometimes, you know, they’re so noisy! Now, I feel more comfortable having more friends. I feel happy having a school here. But, I think the subject’s hard because the books are very thick.

My first weeks were very nice. I am looking forward to know more about my friends. All the teachers here are very nice. My homeroom teacher, Mr Josh, is very funny and nice. I am looking forward to meet new teachers. I think I will enjoy it here! ~Angie