Thursday, February 18, 2016

Descriptive writing about metamorphosis

The caterpillar, a brightly colored herbivore, eats the tiny green leaves. It tries to grow. It searches for food in the harsh environment. It crawls slowly from plants to plants, from stem to stem, from leaves to leaves, searching for its own sanctuary. It avoids predators around the area. When it is big enough, it hooks its tail to a sturdy plant, hanging with only the tail attached to the plant. Time flies, the hanging caterpillar soon metamorphoses into a soft green silky cocoon. To protect itself from dangers, it camouflages with its surrounding. There is a big change going on inside the small cocoon. The caterpillar transforms inside. It will be different from what it used to be, different from the old long body it used to have. After a while, the cocoon cracks open. A thing tries to make its way out from the newly hatched cocoon. The head appears then the body, and, soon, the wings. It has two colorful and powdery smooth wings. The beauty of this creature is shown in its pair of wings, and, with it, it is free again and can fly through the air.
Image result for picture of a butterfly egg
 Image result for picture of a butterfly

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