Sunday, February 21, 2016

Descriptive Writing on Metamorphosis

    A small green caterpillar is crawling up towards the leaf slowly but surely, getting nearer by each step. Finally it reaches the leaf it is aiming for. Once it steps onto the leaf, it starts nibbling on the leaf bit by bit.
   In no time, the small green caterpillar will grow into a healthy well grown one. When it’s ready, it finds a spot to start the life changing process. Finding a comfortable spot, it starts to hang itself upside down. Once settled, the metamorphosis process starts.
Steadily, chrysalis starts to form from the head, making its way down, engulfing the critter. Changes, then, transpires inside the cocoon.
   As time passes, a beautiful, stunning butterfly emerges from the cocoon. It is ready to spread its elegant wings to liberty. - Audrey F

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