Sunday, February 14, 2016

News Report

4th February 2016 – Mentari School Grand Surya celebrated Chinese New Year. It was organized by Lao Shi Erline. All teachers, staff, and students participated in this event. It was held in the school’s library. Parents came and watched the students perform. The performances included: dancing, singing, playing of Angklung, doing sign language, and etc.
“We are preparing for the students’ performances and we are also decorating the library. Tests are given to teachers to help me to successfully hold the program here,” explained Lao Shi Erline.
Most of the students here are Chinese that is why it is important to preserve the Chinese culture. They are preserving the culture by holding this program annually.
“It is the first time that we are holding the program in this building [Junior High School building]. The students are preparing for a long time, so they can perform well.”

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