Tuesday, October 27, 2015

First Week of School

July 28, 2015 was the first day of school for Mentari students. We were supposedly stay at the new building but since it's still dirty we stayed at the primary building. I met my friends in grade 8, and, as I expected, there were no new students in grade 8. I met a lot of new students in grade 7. Some of the grade 7 students were from Mentari. I met a lot of new teachers, though only few did I know. 

The first week of school was filled with many activities. We were divided into 4 houses (I'm with the Erudite). We did a lot of activities to know each other. We're having fun during the activities, well, most of the times, I guess. We have games on every subject. We made costumes with recyclable materials for our classmates to show to other houses. It's like a mini fashion show. At least we had fun, even though my group was disqualified because no girls are joining this activity.

The second activity we had was about "show the picture". We had to pose and try to show what we meant by our pose. The theme is about sustainability, global-warming and those related topics. My team was struggling to come up with a "picture". But, we finally managed to think of a pose right on time, even though it's not as good as others'.

We also had our own cheers. Every house was told to make our own cheer for our houses and we had to perform the cheer in front of the others.

Overall, it was a great week and I did have some fun and new friends, which made me interested in coming to school . ~ Vincent

During our first week, we stayed in the elementary building because the new building was not ready yet. We played fun games and did other thrilling stuff.

On the first day, we were divided into four groups based on the factions from the movie Divergent. The factions are Candor, Amity, Dauntless and Erudite. At first when the teachers told us about this I thought we would be grouped based on our ability, but we were picked randomly. I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to know what group or faction would I belong to based on my ability or attitude. But it was still fun anyway.

First we were asked to make a cheer for our group. My team, Candor, lost, and Dauntless won. At the end of the week, my team lost, Dauntless won. My team was always either the fourth or the third, never the second or the first.

My favorite game was when we were asked to make something out of old materials like shirts, plastic bottles and newspapers. Although in the end, my team, as always, lost. It was rather obvious, some members of my team, who were new students did not really take part in most activities. It's either because they did not know what to do or we did not really give them anything to do. In the end, they did help to make the posters for the student council election.

On Friday, the last day, we held the election for the student council. Each factions was to choose one candidate for each position. I was chosen to be the vice president candidate. I did not volunteer actually to be the candidate but since no one wants it, my friends wrote my name, even though I complained.

After we submitted our candidates' names, each candidate had to write and deliver a speech to convince other students to vote us. In the end, Elvira became the president, Yudha, the grade 7 representative and Adrian the grade 9 representative. 

After the election, we had our lunch and went home. ~ Audrey F.

On July  28, 2015 was the first day of school. We stayed at the primary building because the new building for the junior high was not yet done. I met lots of new students in grade 7. Most of them were from other schools, but some of them were also from Mentari. I also met lots of new teachers.

The first week of school was really exciting. All of us were divided into factions, Erudite, Dauntless, Candor and Amity. I'm with the Candor. We played lots of games, like making things out of recyclable materials. We did our best and we had lots of fun. We had our own cheers for each team, and also did exercising. It was really exhausting yet fun at the same time. Although my team didn't win, at least we can have fun and enjoy.

Overall, the first week of school was really fun. I met lots of new friends and teachers. I'm looking forward for other events like this. ~ Angelique

Week one as a grade 8 is easy and fun. Barely studying, just activities, we would already start studying if the new building is already done. Oh wait, I haven’t told you guys about our new school building. The new building is for grade 6 to grade 9. The new building is bigger and better.
So, by the way we had a lot of activities, interesting activities, we are divided into factions, we followed the factions names from the movie Divergent. We have Amity, Dauntless, Erudite, and Candor. I’m in the Amity, we won the most activities. Amity is the first.

In short, it was fun. ~ Dhana