Thursday, May 21, 2015

CSW in Bali

Two weeks ago, Grade 7 students joined the CSW students. It is an annual event done by Mentari schools. For Grade 7, we were going to Bali. It is an awesome trip! We had a blast during our trip. But of course, there's always the not so fun part.

To starth with the CSW, I woke up at 3:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. Then, I prepared myself. I left home at 4:15 a.m. and arrived at the airport at 4:45 which means I'm late for 15 minutes but tha's still fine. When I arrived, the others were already lining up to enter inside the airport. Then, I joined them inside. After a few minutes, we started to fly with Airasia.

Then at 8:30 a.m. Bali's time. We went to Tanah Lot. Then, the next day, we also went to a lot of places such as Tirtha Empul, GWK and Traditional Balinese houses compound. I saw the eel in Tirtha Empul which means I'm going to be lucky.

I have done so many things in Bali. But my favourite part is the Rafting and Cycling. I like those activities because I prefer outdoor activities than indoor activities. I also like when we learn Bali's traditional Gamelans. But everything is fun.

Overall, it's a fun trip and I really want to join the CSW next year. I hope next year it will be more fun. I REALLY like this CSW in Bali. ~Vincent

On 21 April - 25 April 2015, we had a CSW to Bali. It was a really unforgettable experience, it was a blast. We gathered around at the airport around 4.30 a.m. We had our boarding at 5.00 a.m. and our flight 6.00 a.m.

At around 8.30 a.m. we arrived in Bali, according to their time, which is 1 hour faster. We went to many famous places, ex. Tanah Lot, Tirta Empul, Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Laka Leke, etc. It was really tiring yet unforgettable.

My favorite activities there were cycling, farming, fishing, and rafting. Lots of extraordinary, fun, exciting moments we had there. Eventually, we only got to spend 4 nights there. The last day arrived, we landed in Jakarta at around 11.30 p.m., according to Jakarta's time.

I really look forward in events like this next year. Bye Bali! ~Angie

Last week, from the 21st to 25th of April, we went to Bali. We went by Air Asia Airplane. It was a nice trip and it taught me lessons.

We’re supposed to be at the airport at 5 a.m. in the morning. Adzra was the last one to arrive. We boarded the plane at 6 o’clock. I sat with Natasha and Sulie on the airplane. I can’t sleep on the plane because Sulie and Natasha kept on bothering and be noisy. Bali’s time was one hour faster than Jakarta.

Upon arriving in Bali, our luggage was dropped at the hotel and we went to Tanah Lot. We took pictures and some bought merchandizes and drinks. The tide was high so we can’t go down to the shore.

After going to Tanah Lot, we went to a restaurant and ate. After we ate, we went back to the hotel and unpack our things. We went to another restaurant and ate dinner. Then we went back to the hotel and sleep.

The next day we went to go rafting. We took our equipment and are explained the safety rules. The course was long and it took us about an hour or so to reach the finish line. After finishing the course, we showered and ate lunch.

We went to Laka Leke after rafting. At Laka Leke, we paint kites, eggs and learn the Kecak dance. Night falls and it was time to perform things that we learned. The show told us a story about one of the legend in Bali, specifically on Hinduism. The dance was finished and we went back to the hotel and slept.

On the third day, we went to Tirta Empul. When we arrived, it was raining so hard we have to wait in the entrance. When the rain died down, we went in. The place was magical in its own way. We rushed going around because it was late and we have to go to other places.

After visiting Tirta Empul, we went to Garuda Wishnu Kencana. We took photos, ate, and watched another show from Hinduism. It was long and before we knew it, it was nighttime when we went back. Arriving at the hotel, we fixed ourselves and went to bed.

The next day, our fourth day, we went biking at Bali’s Bird Park. The course was exciting but challenging. I fell when we passed the rice field. It was just a few bruises so I was okay. We passed and visited Kopi Luwak’s factory. It was not really a factory but they produce Luwak coffee. I bought vanilla coffee for my father.

After we finished biking, we visited the bird park. Some of us bought merchandizes and some of us don’t.

On the last day, we went to Krishna to buy merchandizes for our family or friends. I bought some bracelets, foods and clothes. After that we went to eat and went to the airport to go to Jakarta. Our plane boarded at 12.30 and we arrived in Jakarta approximately at 12.45. ~Audrey F

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Speech Fest

A week ago, specifically on May 30, 2015, Mentari School Grand Surya did the Speech Fest. I did the declamation piece called "Juvenile Delinquent". My classmates did between the declamation text or a poem. My partner for the piece Juvenile Delinquent is Dhana. He's my only friend that is a boy in EFL because the others are girls. I was rated by the Grade 6 students while Dhana was rated by the Grade 5 students.

Overall. I enjoyed the speech fest. I feel happy that i finished my speech and I hope i'll get an easier piece next year. ~Vincent

On the 30th of April, our school held a Speech Fest. My class performed poems and declamations, while the grade 8 performed speeches.

My piece and Adzra’s was entitled, “Vengeance is not ours, its God’s”. It was about a boy who lost his parents to a war. He was blind and alone. It was a tragic story. The first try was not as good, but eventually I got it and performed well enough.

The grade 6 and 5 evaluated our performance. It was divided into two sections, in the morning and in the evening. I was really nervous that I forgot one line, but I covered it quick enough that no one noticed.

It was a fun experience and I was glad that I can do it.
-Audrey F

On May 30, 2015, we had a speech fest. My classmates did declamations and poems. I did a declamation piece, "A Glass of Cold Water". I did my declamation in the first session, which the 6th grader, graded us. I was really nervous that time, but it was a new experience for all of us.

I did enjoyed this year's speech fest. Some of the performers were nervous, but they did their declamation, poems, or speech really well. Overall, the speech fest was a success. I really look forward in events like this. ~Angelique

Junior High's Book Review

Last week on Friday, the Junior High held an event called Book Review. It was like a talkshow but about books. The books that we talked about are The Holes and The Kite Runner for grade 8 and journey to Jo’Burg and The boy in the Striped Pajamas for grade 7.

It was divided into 3 segments. Grade 8’s talkshow was in the morning, and grade 7’s talkshow was in 13:15. Our hosts are Adzra, Phoebe, Alan and Tanezia.

It was fun because it was our first time. It was also nerve wracking because we were being watched by many people. There were also intermissions. There’s people singing, dancing and playing instruments too. Grade 6 until grade 8 are watching us. -Audrey F.