Sunday, February 21, 2016

Descriptive Writing on Metamorphosis

    A small green caterpillar is crawling up towards the leaf slowly but surely, getting nearer by each step. Finally it reaches the leaf it is aiming for. Once it steps onto the leaf, it starts nibbling on the leaf bit by bit.
   In no time, the small green caterpillar will grow into a healthy well grown one. When it’s ready, it finds a spot to start the life changing process. Finding a comfortable spot, it starts to hang itself upside down. Once settled, the metamorphosis process starts.
Steadily, chrysalis starts to form from the head, making its way down, engulfing the critter. Changes, then, transpires inside the cocoon.
   As time passes, a beautiful, stunning butterfly emerges from the cocoon. It is ready to spread its elegant wings to liberty. - Audrey F

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Leaflets about Fireworks

- Angie

Descriptive writing about metamorphosis

The caterpillar, a brightly colored herbivore, eats the tiny green leaves. It tries to grow. It searches for food in the harsh environment. It crawls slowly from plants to plants, from stem to stem, from leaves to leaves, searching for its own sanctuary. It avoids predators around the area. When it is big enough, it hooks its tail to a sturdy plant, hanging with only the tail attached to the plant. Time flies, the hanging caterpillar soon metamorphoses into a soft green silky cocoon. To protect itself from dangers, it camouflages with its surrounding. There is a big change going on inside the small cocoon. The caterpillar transforms inside. It will be different from what it used to be, different from the old long body it used to have. After a while, the cocoon cracks open. A thing tries to make its way out from the newly hatched cocoon. The head appears then the body, and, soon, the wings. It has two colorful and powdery smooth wings. The beauty of this creature is shown in its pair of wings, and, with it, it is free again and can fly through the air.
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 Image result for picture of a butterfly

Sunday, February 14, 2016

News Report

4th February 2016 – Mentari School Grand Surya celebrated Chinese New Year. It was organized by Lao Shi Erline. All teachers, staff, and students participated in this event. It was held in the school’s library. Parents came and watched the students perform. The performances included: dancing, singing, playing of Angklung, doing sign language, and etc.
“We are preparing for the students’ performances and we are also decorating the library. Tests are given to teachers to help me to successfully hold the program here,” explained Lao Shi Erline.
Most of the students here are Chinese that is why it is important to preserve the Chinese culture. They are preserving the culture by holding this program annually.
“It is the first time that we are holding the program in this building [Junior High School building]. The students are preparing for a long time, so they can perform well.”

Thursday, February 11, 2016

News Report

Chinese New Year Celebration

Plans for the Celebration

By Audrey Levina and Audrey Flabian

Mentari School Grand Surya is having a Chinese New Year celebration. The celebration will take place on February 4th in the library.

“The celebration will be on Thursday, February 4th. I (Ms. Erline), Ms. Florgin, and Ms. Herlija are the ones in charge of the program. So far we have started decorating and having final practices for the performances. The progress is not bad, the venue will be in the library.” Ms. Erline said.

People have started decorating the library and the entire school. Each class prepares performance/s for the celebration. Some prepare a dance performance, others sing, and some even show martial arts skills. Parents are invited to watch the performance.

It was said that there would be a Barongsai performance the day after. Once the performance is done, students will have regular classes.

Leaflet about Fireworks

Here are some facts, and safety precautions about Fireworks.