Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Bucket List

Now - I'm 12 years old, and becoming a teenager, I have my own dreams or wishes before I die. It could be possible or impossible. My bucket list:
1.    To win a competition and get a medal.
2.    Meet my idols.
3.    Win a talent competition.
4.    To be known for what I am.
5.    Have as many friends as possible.
6.    Go to European countries and New Zealand.
7.    Do scuba diving.
8.    Complete The Watersong Series by Amanda Hocking.
9.    Spend nights in a hotel under the sea.
10. Design and have my own house or room.
11. Meet my best friend and spend time with her.

Some of them are impossible, but I'll try to complete it. It will cost a lot of money and hard work too. I will try to fulfill my dreams.  -Audrey F

Now, that I am 12 years old, I am facing new challenges. Like Alison in the article that I have read, she is able to do the thing that she wanted to do before she passed away. 

My own bucket list includes:
1.    Travel to all of the country in the world
2.    Get scholarships
3.    Get good careers
4.    Make my parents proud of me
5.    Meet my idols
6.    Stay in an underwater hotel
7.    To win competitions and get medals.
8.    Snorkeling
9.    Scuba diving
10.  Have a big birthday party with all of my friends

I will try to fulfill it all. -Angie

Now that I’m 12 years old and grade 7, I will set up my very own AWESOME bucket list. Bucket list is a list of things that we want to do before our souls fly and leave the earth. 

My AWESOME bucket list includes:
1.    Go to U.S.
2.    Meet Cristiano Ronaldo
3.    Meet Manchester United
4.    Travel around England 
5.    Snorkeling 
6.    Travel in a first class airplane
7.    Make 1 thing that is helpful
8.    Make proud of my parents
9.    Visit Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya after I graduated from high school
10. Play paintball
11. Stay at Marina Bay Sands Singapore
12. Watch a football match in Wembley
13. Eat Ovomaltine
14. Go to Vatican
15. Visit Burj Khalifa
16. Fight the Ender Dragon

This is my AWESOME bucket list for now. But of course, after I completed 1, I will find and change it with a new one. -Vincent
I am 12/Grade 7, and I’m already thinking about what I am going to do before I die, so I set up My Amazing Bucket List. Well, you don’t know WHEN you are going to die maybe later crashed by a car. So before I die here’s some stuff I’m going to do:
1.    Make my parents proud
2.    Have a car factory
3.    Master playing skateboard
4.    Adventure in the middle of the sea
5.    Find a mysterious island
6.    Buy a helicopter
7.    Know all the secrets of the world
8.    Find a mermaid
9.    Master all languages
10. Buy a submarine
11. Find Atlantis
12. Find Bigfoot
13. Collect cars
14. Jump from floor 20 and use an umbrella for the parachute
15. Build time machine and travel through time
16. Play my childhood games with my old friends for the last time

Then I’m done. He can take me whenever he wants. -Dhana

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Insights on "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas"

We watched the movie "The Boy in Striped Pajamas". The movie tells about Bruno during the Nazi's invasion, this movie cruel and sad, but it was nice.

I felt really sad after reading the whole novel and watching the movie. I felt pity on Bruno for wanting to sacrifice for Shmuel. Even though, Bruno still got a family at home, instead, he helped his friend and leave his family. I felt pity on the other Jews that had been killed, and I also felt pity for Bruno's family; especially his mom, dad and sister, because they have to lose two members of the family. I also learned to respect other people advice. I also learned to be thankful for everything we have. I also learned not to bully other people because the targets will be hurt inside or physically. 

The movie and novel is really tragic but at the same time, sad. I tremble to death while watching the movie because it is really tragic.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is indeed a good book. It's during the NAZI invasion. It's a tear-dropping story. It shows loyalty of Bruno to his new friend, Shmuel. It shows harsh conditions that Bruno and his family is feeling. I felt sad that Bruno died because of his new friend.

After reading the novel and watching the film, they're a little bit different. The movie, in someways, shows more feelings. It is really hard to see how Bruno died, but for me, it is totally a very good story. I would recommend you to read the novel, but the movie, it's your choice.

We watched the movie "The Boy in Striped Pajamas". The movie tells about Bruno during the Nazi's invasion, this movie cruel and sad, but it was nice. Bruno is a adventurous, he likes discovering. One day his dad has a job far away from his house and have to move house. At the new house, he found a door the door leads to the Jews camp, Bruno ran to the door and finds a forest he ran straight through the forest and found a big fence, there the Jews camp were. he found a little kid named Shmuel. they became best friends, but they never play directly because of the fence. what they can do is only play board games. One day, Shmuel's father is lost Bruno want to help, so he dig a hole and went through the hole when he is in the camp the soldiers came and kill everything.

This movie is based from a novel and its a little bit different. I liked the movie more and my rating is excellent. also I recommend this film to you. 

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas movie is a little different from the book. The movie is more tragic and more detailed.

I felt sad and sympathy after watching the movie and reading the book. I felt that it’s not really fair because the Jews have to undergo cruelness. The movie shows more emotion than the book, but it doesn’t have the book’s detail. The movie is exciting, but at the same time scary.

If I have to choose, I will choose the movie, but if to choose which one is less tragic, I will choose the book. The book adds to our imagination, and the movie lets us understand the book. If you can’t stand cruelness I would recommend the book, but if you like adventure I would say watch the movie.
 -Audrey F