Thursday, March 10, 2016

Expository Essay

This is an expository essay about the purposes of internet for both the users and the providers. We discussed about the parts of an expository essay such as the introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and concluding paragraph.

Purposes of Internet

Video games, browser, YouTube, social medias are common to us. These things use the internet to work.  The Internet is popular among humans these days. Based on research, more than 42 million people were using the internet in Indonesia (July 1, 2014). 42 million people are around the total of is surely a big number of people using the internet. People might think that the internet is useless, but there are actual purposes of the internet that we can get benefit from, of course for both the users and for the providers. These purposes include it has good purposes, both for the providers and the users.  The purposes of the internet are it allows us greater flexibility in working hours, it helps us connect to far places, and it helps internet service providers to work because they rely on the internet to generate funds for business. 
The Internet can help us to work without time pressure and working time. This is because we can use the internet everywhere, such as in our house, relaxing places or even in a public place. We can basically work anywhere as long as there is the internet available. With greater flexibility in working, it can help the company to gain more customers which mean the company can generate more funds. If the workers are working without the internet, they will have a hard time in generating funds and also the company will lose to its competitors. Students can also use the internet for doing their own homework.  So, the internet is surely an important thing and it can give a greater flexibility in working, greater flexibility will, of course, give our company and advantage.
We can communicate to far places through the internet.  The Internet, with the help of social medias, can help us to connect to our family and other people. It can also help us to be entertained by the social media. It can help us to get to know people more and we can know their lifestyle. We can be updated on what is happening right now. It can help us to inform news to our relatives. If we are checking our social medias, there is no need to worry about missing important news Internet, therefore, can surely connect us to relatives, co-workers, etc.
The Internet is one of the sources that can be used to generate funds. Internet service providers can generate funds by providing the internet to the users. Users will pay to the service providers the amount they need to pay, according to the type of internet they are using. If the price is expensive, the internet will usually be faster and better. Users can also sell things online and can surely get funds from selling things. This will surely be a way of generating funds for providers and users.
 In short, the internet can absolutely help us in our life. By providing a way to keep in touch even we are far from each other, giving flexibility in working and giving a way to generate funds, the internet is surely useful in our life.  The time available to work can bring the company to success. The funds generated by the service providers will facilitate a better internet connection. The ability to connect will help us in keeping close contact with our relatives.  We should be more open-minded about the internet and instead of thinking the bad things of the internet, let us use the internet correctly to give us the benefits. ~ Vincent