Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Fun During the Chinese New Year

On 15-17 February, our school celebrated Chinese New Year. First, we started with Mandarin Quiz Bee. I also joined the Mandarin Quiz Bee, but I did not win. The Quiz Bee was fun yet exciting. It was exciting because we did not know which words would come out or who will be the winners.

On the 16th February, our school held an awarding event. The winners or participants that joined SASMO, ICAS, Spelling Bees, and Quiz Bees. I got certificate for SASMO and ICAS. It was a new experience for me because I’ve not received certificate for a long time for competitions like that. After the awarding, I left early because my father needs to go to work and there’s no one to pick me up.

Then, the next day we have our Chinese New Year celebration. We’ve had performances from grade 4 to 8. After the performances, there is Barongsai show. The event was held in the auditorium. It was a fun Chinese New Year celebration.

On the 18th, we’ve had holiday. My mom and dad also had holiday, so we go to our relatives’ houses. It was to strengthen our bonds between families. We spent the whole day going from one house to another. Though it was tiring, it was fun.

On the Wednesday, my uncle was also having a wedding. It was held in my great grandmother’s house. It was not really a big ceremony but it was fun. I sang a song in the wedding to practice for my competition. -Audrey F.

Last month, Mentari School Grand Surya celebrated Chinese New Year. We started the event with the Mandarin Spelling Bee. Every grade from grade 1-8 joined the Mandarin Spelling Bee. There were 6 contestants and will be 3 at the final round. I joined Mandarin Spelling Bee for grade 7 but did not make it to top three. The winners are Angie, Sulie and Evangela.I also helped in writing down the scores for the lower grades.

The next thing we had was the Chinese New Year performance. All grades performed something on this day. Parents came to watch their kids’ performance. Grade 7 performed 2 songs which were combined into one. We danced following the music. We practiced the movements in 1 day which is quite fast. The performance that I like is the grade 8. They performed the song “Ting Ma Ma de Hua” which is a very good song. They showed their picture with their mother. They danced with the song. They also showed their picture with their mother.

We also had the Barongsai in the auditorium. It was raining so they decided to perform in the auditorium. It was really cool. They have 2 barongsai/lions performing. It amazed me everytime I see them.

The last thing we had is the awarding day. The winners of SASMO, ICAS and the quiz bees were awarded. Some of the students of the Junior High were absent. Only some of us attended the school.

I think the Chinese New Year is a good event in MSGS. It is an exciting event in our school. I  am looking forward to next year’s Chinese New Year. Hopefully it will be more exciting than this year’s event. -Vincent

My idol

My idol is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a well-known player from Real Madrid. He's like the best player for me. He is tall. He practices working on his muscles which made an outstanding results. He always gives all of his effort to the game. He can control the ball amazingly which amazes me every time I see the videos. He can control the ball on air or on ground perfectly. His muscles are big which means he is very strong. His face is very good looking. He has many rivals like Messi. But, he is the best for me.-Vincent

Mine is Steve Jobs, the man who changed the world. He was the one who created the Apple Inc. The way how he thinks compared to how other people is different, that’s what made him special. He was born in California, San Francisco on February, 24 1955. He was the first man who invented the touchscreen technology. He overcomes failure but then he became a very successful man. He got problems with his health; he was diagnosed with a pancreas neuroendocrine tumor also, he once underwent a liver transplant. He died at Palo Alto, California on October 5 2011. When he died, everyone was sad, feeling like we all lost something. -Dhana